COVID-19 Impact on ASM News about how COVID-19 is affecting artisanal and small scale mining in the world


With a variety of over 40 different minerals under production, the mining sector in Zimbabwe is among the most diverse in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region1. Due the challenging economic environment, the country has experienced a strong growth of artisanal mining since the 1990s, primarily in the gold sector. The number is estimated to have grown from 500,0002;at the beginning of the century to more than one million today3. Growing numbers of artisanal miners are shifting to small-scale mining as a result of difficult to access gold deposits. In 2017, artisanal and small-scale gold production surpassed large-scale mining for the first time.4

Photograph by Pact from Zimbabwe Accountability Artisanal Mining Program (ZAAMP)

Key Minerals Mined by ASM

Diamond • Gemstones • Gold

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