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A Crowdsourcing Data Platform

Delve is a crowdsourcing data and information platform. The value of the platform is dependent on organizations and individuals within the ASM sector to contribute their data and resources to the benefit of the entire Delve user community and beyond. By making complete, accurate and reliable data available to all users, Delve helps to advance the common good of formalizing the ASM sector globally. Improved data informs policy making, guides design of interventions, provides accurate information to the media and shines a light on the scale and importance of ASM. It also highlights the incredible work of organization and individuals operating within the sector and recognizes learning and achievement. Thank you for your contribution to the global ASM community!

Contribution Process

In order to contribute a dataset or resource to the Delve platform, users are required to create a Delve account within the platform. To create a Delve account please click below to sign up:

Sign Up

Data and resources contributed to the Delve platform undergo an administrative review prior to being made public and integrated into the master Delve dataset. Data reviews take between 3-10 business days and produce three outcomes (approved, subject to revisions, denied). Approved contributions are made public and integrated into the master Delve dataset. Contributions subject to revisions are provided with a set of required revisions/clarifications that need to be addressed prior to the approval of the contribution. Denied contributions are not be accepted into the database with noted justifications. Users are notified via e-mail upon completion of their administrative review, including the review outcome and any necessary actions/justifications.

Data and resource reviews consider the following areas:

  • Alignment with Delve data quality standards
  • Obvious errors, omissions or other issues that affect the validity of the data or resource
  • General verification of data reliability through consultation with expert advisory team
  • Commercial confidentiality
  • Risks associated with making the data public (risk of creating rushes, distorting markets, creating legal pressures, harm to ASM communities etc.)
  • Inappropriate content (For example but not limited to content promoting hate, racism, discrimination, violent extremism, sexually explicit content)


Data and resource contributors retain ownership of their contribution but consent to it being used as part of an open data initiative. The data contributed to the Delve database is fully attributed and ownership rights are retained by the data source individual/institution. The aggregate data generated by the database is open and non- proprietary for public use and re-distribution.

Open Data Principle

All data on the Delve platform that is shared by contributors or has been publicly catalogued is open to public access for free. Delve follows standard “open data” principles as defined by the Open Definition:

Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone - subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share alike.

The Delve platform follows the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Access to certain data sources in which data is cited from are protected by the respective publisher’s access rights (e.g. an academic journal article).