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Scoping Study Report in Setiawaras Hamlet, Tasikmalayawest Java, Indonesia

The ultimate objective of this scoping study is to provide an overview of the current conditions, challenges that the Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) or Pertambangan Skala Kecil/ PSK community have been facing during the pandemic and the possible interventions at the targeted locations of Setiawaras Hamlet, Tasikmalaya Regency- West Java. The expected outcome of this project is to increase the organizational and financial capacity of ASM communities to be resilient during the pandemic period. The beneficiaries are defined as beneficiaries from the previous project (EGPS Phase 1 Echoing the Voices: Participatory Video and Picture Capturing the Impact of Covid-19 on Women and Youth in ASM) and local government officials. The involvement of the government representatives in this project aims to build local ownership to ensure sustainability. The study was conducted in the first week of November 2021, employing methodologies of Focused Group Discussion (FGD), Key Informant Interview (KII) and government consultations. Five male manganese miners and five male youth miners were interviewed by the assigned local facilitators on 5th November. Then, fourteen female (manganese miners spouses), four female youth and two male miners were involved in the FGD on the next day. In parallel, engagement with the local authorities involved officials both at the Hamlet and Regency level and local community organizations.

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