Comparative Study of Certification and Traceability Systems

The purpose of this assignment is to compare the systems of certification and traceability in place in DRC and in the world, with a view to proposing a system that is appropriate to the needs of the country, coherent with the procedures of the ICGLR’s Regional Certification Mechanism, and responsive to international requirements. Ultimately, the study should propose a traceability system that responds to the realities of the Congolese context and the expectations of the Congolese government in terms of efficacy and cost, whilst being in conformance with the demands of the ICGLR and the final consumers of relevant minerals.

Given the 200+ page length of the overall report, in this executive summary we focus on the traceability and certification initiatives and the study's conclusions and recommendations.

Research for this work began in July 2014 and completed in March 2015. It involved a launch meeting in Kinshasa with PROMINES on 31 July, fieldwork for seven weeks until 17 September, participation in the 8th meeting of the ICGLR-OECD-UN Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains in Kinshasa November 3-5, the hosting of a workshop for Congolese government and other stakeholders on December 13, and reporting. Over the course of this research, over 200 Congolese and 50 international interlocutors representing a wide range of upstream and downstream conflict mineral supply chain stakeholders. Fieldwork covered sixteen mining and associated trading sites, ten of which were for gold. ELL also collaborated closely with USAID’s CBRMT project during this time.

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