Artisanal mining site visits in North-West Tanzania

The International Peace Information Service (IPIS) datasets on artisanal mining in North-West Tanzania.IPIS publishes a selection of its datasets as Open Data. These datasets originate from our data collection campaigns and research, and have been internally reviewed and processed. The Open Data is linked to our internal database, such that a download includes the most up to date data-points and reflect the current status of the data as accessible through the IPIS webmaps on the same topics. We are committed to publish Open Data that is reliable, tidy and recent, as we believe that this is can be an essential factor for a good research climate. When collecting data on a new topic, we may however choose to maintain a delay period (up to 6 months) between the publication of a report and the disclosure of the information as Open Data

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Primary - OBSERVATION, Primary - SURVEY
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Political, Certification, Conflict, Due Diligence, Traceability, and Transparency, Governance, Supply Chains, Economic, Access to Markets, Social, Child Labor, Gender, Human Rights, Armed Conflict/Criminality, Technological, Extraction, Processing, Legal, Mineral Rights, Tax, Environmental, Mercury
3T Mineral (Mixed), Cassiterite, Coltan, Diamond, Gold, Wolframite
Sub-Saharan Africa
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February 10, 2020