Urica Yernesi Primus was elected as Vice President of the Guyana Women Miners Org (GWMO) in 2013 and went on to be elected as the organization’s President in 2015. Ms. Primus has been actively involved in combating human trafficking in Guyana by planning rescues and implementing measures to improve the organization’s data collection. She has fostered two victims of trafficking. She currently serves as the Director of the Together in Peace Home, the country's only safe home for victims of Trafficking in Persons.

Ms. Primus is a UNAOC Alumni. She has been striving for gender equality in the mining sector, as well as, increased opportunity for women in mining. She served as Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission in 2016 and the Chairwoman of the aforementioned board’s Human Resources Committee from 2016 to February 2019. As Chairwoman she has also written three policies for the development of the nations’ regulatory agency; Staff Development, Retirement and Vehicle Management and Maintenance Policies.

Ms. Primus continues to lead the Guyana Women Miners Organisation’s sustainable mining efforts, through a range of initiatives.

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