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Sally is a PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield and a scholar at The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures. Her research takes a translocal livelihoods approach to understanding the households and communities that engage in ASM in the Peruvian Amazon and the various interconnections that exist between them. This approach has not only highlighted how competing livelihood trajectories are manifested in competing understandings of sustainability and imagined futures, but has also shed light on women’s involvement in the maintenance of ASM livelihoods across the spatial divide. Her research has shown that while the translocality of mining livelihoods creates sources of tension within mining communities, the criminalization of the sector has also contributed to the formation of a collective-identity, particular between long-term residents, which is reflected in the on-going acts of resistance and contestation.

Sally completed her master’s in Violence, Conflict and Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies and her undergraduate degree in Economics and International Development at the University of Bath. Alongside her Phd she had worked as an independent research consultant for Itad and Pact, and has prior experience working for donors and NGOs in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Lao PDR.

Resource Library Contributions

2019 State of the Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Sector

Author: G Hilson, J McQuilken, R Perks
Publisher: World Bank
Publication Year: 1969

The 2019 State of the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector report showcases data contributions made to Delve and demonstrates the potential for a deeper sector analysis when stakeholders share data. As the inaugural report of a planned annual series, the 2019 edition explores the origins and impact of what is identified...

2019 Country Profile: Peru

Author: S. Faulkner
Publisher: World Bank
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Country Profile of Peru from 2019 State of the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector report produced by Delve....