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Forest Smart Mining Event Launch: What are the challenges and opportunities for ASM in Forest-Smart Mining?

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Forest-smart mining approaches are required to minimize the direct and indirect impacts of mining on forests. Through its Climate-Smart Mining Initiative, the World Bank Group raises awareness of sustainable practices, policies, and integrated approaches to forest management.

This event will provide an opportunity to discuss and advance the concept and practice of Forest Smart Mining for the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) sector. The panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of promoting forest-smart mining investments and interventions in developing countries while respecting local communities' environment and needs. Join this dynamic event to learn more about what the World Bank is doing in forestry and climate-smart mining.

Session Objectives

  • Effectively engage with relevant audiences to promote key findings of the reports.
  • Provide useful information to climate smart mining policy actors.
  • Motivate relevant stakeholders/target audience and encourage conversation addressing climate change in the ASM sector, in particular on the usefulness of the guidelines and PCIs developed and how feasible it would be to ‘bolt on’ these guidelines to target standards and complementary programs already in place.
  • Encourage public-private dialogue to create awareness and understanding among participants on FSM ASM opportunities.

Learn more and register at: https://www.worldbank.org/en/events/2022/04/15/forest-smart-mining-event-launch#speakers

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