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Delve Data Drive 2022

 Delve  by Delve

Recognizing the ASM sector’s contribution to development by making data and knowledge products more accessible

For Delve’s first Data Drive, we are focusing on integrating data and knowledge products from World Bank funded activities into the Resource Library and Data Dashboards. We look forward to showcasing these new contributions and increasing Delve’s knowledge library.

If your organization has produced a new report, conducted a baseline study or has developed another type of knowledge product in the last three years, we would love to include it on the Delve platform. Learn more about how to Contribute below!

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1. What is the Delve Data Drive?

Delve is working to recognize the ASM sector’s contribution to global development by making data and knowledge products on the sector more accessible.

The Delve Data Drive is an invitation to all institutions and individuals to contribute their data and knowledge products to the open platform. Delve will be creating catalogues and new dashboards to highlight the work of contributors, showcase the sector’s contribution to global development and demonstrate the value created when organizations collaborate to share knowledge.

For this first Data Drive, Delve is focusing its primary efforts internally to catalogue the World Bank’s funded activities linked to the ASM sector and to make World Bank generated knowledge products and data available and integrated into the Delve platform. This will include reports and baselines studies generated through the World Bank's Emergency Response for Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Communities Impacted by COVID-19 that funded 29 projects in over 20 countries since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

Interested organizations and individuals are welcome to contribute their recent data, knowledge products and data collection instruments to be a part of Delve via the Delve Contribute function.

2. What type of data and resources are you looking for?

Delve welcomes interested organizations and individuals to contribute their recent knowledge products (reports, research papers, media), data (baseline studies, surveys) and data collection instruments (questionnaires, forms, protocols/methods) to be a part of Delve. Contributions of resources and data are encouraged from all thematic areas and geographies related to the ASM sector.

Contributions should be shared in a common data or file format as either the file itself or a link to the website where the contribution is hosted.

Here are some examples of past contributions to the Delve platform:

3. How do I contribute?

Contributions can be made via the Delve Contribute function.

Step 1: Create a Delve user account

Step 2: Access to the ‘Upload a Resource’ page and complete the web form to note the metadata associated with your contribution (e.g. Title, Author(s), Organization, etc.)

Step 3: Once submitted your contribution will go through an administrative review prior to being made public and integrated into the master Delve dataset.

Organizations can also contribute by:

  • Nominating other organizations that could contribute to the platform
  • Sharing your feedback with Delve
  • Telling us what ASM data you would like to see on Delve

Share your feedback here

Find further information on contributing on the Delve Contribute page

4. What are the benefits of contributing?

  1. Value of Open Data: Open data has the potential to bring stakeholders together to exchange ideas, share findings and inform better policy and interventions to support the ASM sector’s sustainable development
  2. Be represented on Delve: Have your work be a part of the growing content on the Delve platform. Contributions will be integrated into country and mineral data dashboards and curated collections of thematic content so that users can easily find information, contacts and enable further analysis.
  3. Be recognized: Delve will be promoting contributors through its forthcoming Contributor Series which will profile the work of contributors in regular features on the Delve website and shared through Delve’s network. Contributing organizations will also be eligible to be recognized as Open ASM Data Partners, a standard Delve is developing to advance open data principles within the sector.
  4. Contribute to a Digital Public Good: Delve is the first recognized Digital Public Good associated with the ASM sector. Sharing data and knowledge products with Delve advances open access to information for all.


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